The ferry

Once upon a time, there was a ferry. It had a captain who was lame and not so well spoken and who had a secret fetisch for big hands. Preferably wooden hands on a stick. There were also a troubadour who only played old songs on his old guitar. Well, maybe it was for the best, because there were only really really old people or very very VERY drunk people on the ferry. You have a chef who constantly picks on the ugly-looking-waiter. From Barcelona... or at least Spain. And then we have a security guard who is supposed to be a woman. Even though she is more man than any of the crew members.

Would you like to see this sad bunch of people waving wooden hands, charge their electrical toothbrushes, serving food and drinks and on top of all that, see really drunk people make an ass of them selfes in old fashion white trash style?

Then why don't you watch
Färjan? A Swedish tv-show. I guess we're the only ones stupid enough to buy such an idea. Well I'm watching... HELL YES! ...but not with pleasure but with great disbelief.


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